I am using Windows Vista as operating system and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition as an compiler.

I need a matrix library.Could you suggest me any library that I will easily configurate and link with my compiler.

For example I need to take square root of a matrix.Because of this I need such a library.


If you need sqrt of a matrix you are going to need serious heavy duty numerical/symbolic matrix code. If it is numeric then use uBlas.

There are simpler forms that probabily are ok, you can always get it by taking a SVD of the matrix but is often non-optimal. There are lots of requirement on the input matrix as well.

If it is symbolic then google is your friend. (or mathematica).

I have Boost library but this library has no sqrt of matrix function or advanced funtions.
Do you know any libraries that I want ( do sqrt of matrix ). I know some but not compatible with MSVC9 and Vista.

What do you mean by saying "need serious heavy duty numerical/symbolic matrix code".

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