hello, i need some help. i have an assignment that i need someone's opinion on. this is what the assignment is about:

A soft-drink manufacturer produces several flavors of drinkā€”for example, cola, orange, and lemon. Additionally, each flavor has several versions such as regular, diet, and caffeine-free. The manufacturer operates factories in several states.

Assume you have input records that list version, flavor, yearly production in gallons, and state (for example: Regular Cola 5000 Kansas). The records have been sorted in alphabetical order by version within flavor within state. Design the report that lists each version and flavor, with minor total production figures for each flavor and major total production figures for each state.

i have done the assignment, i just need to know if i did it right. thanks for any help anyone can give.

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I see a "Yes" arrow attached to the "End Of File?" diamond, but no "No" arrow. The "Yes" to "End Of File" arrow points to "Read the Next Record".

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