Hi all..I need urgent help please because I am going to hav my computer science practicals tomorow and i hav to submit my project tomorrow. I hav made a small graphics program. In the program a person chooses any video cassettewhich he wants to buy and after he chooses the video he wants, then the program will display the bill using graphics. I need help after this . I need to Print the bill which is displayed in the screen. CAn anyone tell me how to print it. Please give the coding for it.

Any help will be kindly appreaciated.

Thank You.

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First you have to include the standard header for students such as yourself:

#include <Imalazybastard>

Then you need to call the following function:


That should get you started. :)


You want to print this bill on a printer or on disk? On which OS? Are you using MFC, which has extensive printer support built in? Is you app a windowing app or a console app (I assume a windowing app because you're using graphics, but you didn't specify)

So, there's lots for us to know before we can help.

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