OK here is the deal...ive looked and looked at my java book...i am in oracle 2 this year this will be my 1st year...i am doing allright in it...as long as the book can help me...but see i cant find these answers...i have found 1, 2, 3
but not the rest witch is 4, 5, 6, 7,8,9,10...i kno that seems alot...but if some one could explain to me how to do them i could probly do better but i dont kno wat to do....here are the for loops
4.Write a program that prints out the multiples of 4 from 12 to 48 across the page with spaces in between the numbers
5.write a program that prints out the sum of the numbers from 1 to 100
6.write a program that prints out the sum of the multiples of 6 from 36 to 300
7.write a program that prints out the product of numbers from 5 to 11
8.write a program that prints out the factorial of a number that is typed in
9. write a program that prints out the sum of the even numbers from 12 to 28
10. write a program that prints out the product of the odd numbers for 1to 13

Ok i kno thats alot and i am really sorry i been looking for the answers in my book for about 4 days now and i cant find these answers if some would could show me how to do these then i think i could get them....PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME I AM BEGGING YOU! :sad:

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have you ever taken any course in highschool mathematics (most of the stuff you're asking is primary school math even)?

If not start there. If yes practice what they taught you.

If you can't see the code in your head, do the calculations on paper and determine an algorithm from that.

Someone writing the code for you (and most of these are one or two lines so giving you any code without writing it all becomes rather difficult) won't help you at all in the end as you learn exactly nothing at all.

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