Good day,

I am a fresh graduate as BS Information Technology. I already employed now. i already create a program and where about to launch it. But there is only one problem i think in my program because in my i need to generate reports in many different paper size such as letter, A4, legal and other customizations. The only paper size which enable to preview is the default of my print the letter size. I need to generate report which is in legal set up and A4.My question is."How to setup paper size during previewing the my datareport in different size except letter size paper?"

i am using the language Visual Basic 6.0

I hope anybody can help me.Thank you! God bless and more power to all members of this forums,

Juner P.

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hello...i' new here..and i need some help guys..i had a problem with my software..datareports to be exact..i'm using vb6.0...when i generate to preview a report into a wide screen type monitor it says that the report size is larger that the paper size..but on my PC where i used a normal monitor it previews freely without error..how is it??..hope for your help guys...thanks..

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