Hi guys,
i'm trying to write a script for following purpose.

shell program will be used by Linux/Unix sysadmins to search for
SUID/SGID files. The default directory to search is the present
working directory, however, the user may include a directory name on
the command line as an alternative. Also, if the user includes the
argument '-R' then the search should include all subdirectories
recursively. Also, the '-G' argument will include SGID files which by
default are not shown. The output of the script should show the
absolute pathname of the file and the owner.

Please help me in performin such task.

i'm trying using this line:

ls -l | awk '{print $1}' | grep s
it just prints the permissions having s bit.


Here is you want:

$ ls -l `find /tmp -name tt` | awk '$1 = "s" { print $9 " " $3 }'

/tmp/Test/Test/tt root

You can give the input dirrecotry in find command instead of /tmp.