Anyone know how to put colored text on the screen in a bash script?


Use escape sequences: echo -e '\E[color1;color2mYour Text.'
(color1 is the foreground, color2 the background color)

echo -e '\E[30m black \E[31mred \E[32mgreen \E[33myellow \E[34mblue \E[35mmagenta \E[36mcyan \E[37mwhite'
 echo -e '\E[30;41mblack on red'
Color:           Foreground:           Background:
black             30                       40
red               31                       41
green             32                       42
yellow            33                       43
blue              34                       44
magenta           35                       45
cyan              36                       46
white             37                       47

Regards, mawe

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