yea, this is long.. but how do i make this repeat?
At the end it's suppose to ask "do you want to do this again, y for yes, n for no" where yes is repeat from the beginning and no is exit. I think i messed it up............................ someone help?

import random

print "Number of the day:" 

def dieroll():
    randomnumber = random.randrange(100)+1
    return randomnumber

def add2dieroll():
    y = dieroll() + dieroll()
    return y

z= add2dieroll()
print dieroll(), "+", dieroll(), "= [", z, "]"

print "-" *35

name=raw_input("Hello,what is your name?")

def addyear(x):
    x2 = 2009 - x
    return x2


print "Hello", name
x =input("What year were you born?:")
x2 = addyear(x)
print x, "-2009 =", x2
print "cool, you are", x2, "years old"

randomquestion=raw_input("so, do you like buying things?")

a=raw_input("What are 2 items that you bought this week?:")

def add2sub2(x,y):
    x2 = x + 2.05
    y2 = y + 2.05
    return x2, y2


x = input("how much did it cost ")
y = input("how about the other one?")
x2, y2 = add2sub2(x,y)
print x, " + 5%GST + 8%PST = ", x2
print y, " + 5%GST + 8%PST = ", y2
print "the total is: ", "$", x2 + y2

def dieroll():
  question=raw_input("Here are some lottery numbers you can use (press enter key):")
  for each in range(6):
   randomnumber = random.randrange(100)+1
   print randomnumber

answer = 'y'
while answer == 'y':
    answer=raw_input("Do you want new numbers? (y or n)")

print "okay bye"    
raw_input("\n\nPress the enter key to exit.")

The standard way of repeating code is to use a while loop. There are two styles: the 'test first' and 'test last' methods.

# a test-first loop: set the sentinel and repeat until sentinel is false

repeat = True
while repeat:
   print "You lose!"
   if raw_input("Play again? (y/n) ") == "n":
        repeat = False
# a test-last method: repeat until the test fails.  This method makes more sense to me but is frowned on by some purists.

while True:
    print "You lose!"
    if raw_input("Play again? (y/n) ") == "n":


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