Here's the scenario.

I have a web server running with IIS 6 and website running written in ASP.

The site and code has been working perfectly up until about 2 days ago when for no reason whatsoever the ASP has decided to partly work.

and by this i mean as follows

<option value="<%response.write infotable("gigday")%>"><%= infotable("gigday")%></option>

The section that is in bold i.e the first response.write infotable works. The value from the table is written to the HTML and can be viewed in the source, however the second response.write outputs nothing. I have replaced the = for the wording response.write and this still doesn't work.

the code itself actually sits in a loop that reads the contents of a database and outputs data from the database. The connection string is fine.

in fact if you like throught the web site then you will find that the asp code only works in certain places even though 2 days prior it was all working correctly.

I've re-installed mysql, checked the disk, ran ant-virus check but still no joy

if you want to see in action then visit and look throught it.


Still, try adding a space between the code and the %'s
That was a oddity on a system I used to run some 6 years ago.