Hi All ,

I have a question regarding to if statement ,,,

my question is : How can I compare between 2 values ?!

let's suppose I want to see if (x > y )

print "x greater than y"

if ( x < y )

print "y greater than x"

Please help to do this ,,,

Thank you

Most processors have a 'cmp' instruction to compare things.
Look it up in your processor reference manual.

Use CMP and JMP .

Thank you guys for ur reply

I did the cmp but still it didn't work

here in the following code , I'm trying to make simple code which make a compression between the input number with zero ,,, I think I did every thing right but when I compile it , it always gives "This number is greater than 0" , even I put it -5 or any negative number

Could please help me ?!!!



ExitProcess PROTO NEAR32 stdcall, dwExitCode:DWORD

cr            EQU    0dh   ;  
Lf            EQU    0ah   ;  

.STACK  4096             ;  

.DATA                    ;  

Array       DWORD      count DUP (?)

direction   BYTE  cr,Lf,Lf, "This program design to cmpare between two values:"

prompt      BYTE    cr,Lf,Lf,  'Please insert your number :',0
grades      BYTE     16 DUP (?)

value        BYTE    16 DUP (?)
ACount       BYTE     cr,Lf,Lf,' This number is greater than 0'    ; display the As number
result_1     BYTE    11 DUP (?)
             BYTE    cr, Lf, 0

BCount       BYTE     cr,Lf,Lf,' This number is less than 0 '    ; 
result_2     BYTE    11 DUP (?)
             BYTE    cr, Lf, 0


            output direction         	;  

            output prompt           	;  
            input  grades,16        	;  

            atod   grades           	;  
            cmp   grades    , 0            ;  

           jle     BsCount  
           jge    AsCount 

            dtoa    result_1,  eax        ;  
           output   ACount          ;  
           jmp      quit
           dtoa    result_2,  eax        ;  
           output  BCount          ;  
           jmp     quit


quit:       INVOKE ExitProcess, 0      		 			; exit with return code 0

PUBLIC _start                          		 		; make entry point public

            END                        		 		; end of source code

> cmp grades , 0
You're comparing the function address itself with 0, not the result it returned in the previous line.

Hi salem

Could u please explain more ?!

I 'm trying to compare the input that I entered with zero ...

What does atod do?
Does it return a result, and if so, how?
Are you comparing with that result?

Thank you Salem

I got it !!!

I appreciate your help ,,,