I am upsizing a MS Access database to SQL. I am keeping the MS Access 2003 frontend and using a SQL Server for the Backend.

All the MS Access VBA code seems to be working fine except for the code below. I have the same code using different tables and it is working fine. I am not getting any error msgs... the code just does nothing.

Any Suggestion??


UPDATE tblOutput_TEMP INNER JOIN tblOutput ON (tblOutput_TEMP.CLLI = tblOutput.CLLI) AND (tblOutput_TEMP.BayNo = tblOutput.BayNo) AND (tblOutput_TEMP.PnlNo = tblOutput.PnlNo) AND (tblOutput_TEMP.Jack = tblOutput.Jack) AND (tblOutput_TEMP.Output = tblOutput.Output) 

SET tblOutput.CLLI = [tblOutput_TEMP].[CLLI], 
tblOutput.BayNo = [tblOutput_TEMP].[BayNo], 
tblOutput.PnlNo = [tblOutput_TEMP].[PnlNo], 
tblOutput.Jack = [tblOutput_TEMP].[Jack], 
tblOutput.[Output] = [tblOutput_TEMP].[Output], 
tblOutput.Feed = [tblOutput_TEMP].[Feed], 
tblOutput.DSX1Bay = [tblOutput_TEMP].[DSX1Bay], 
tblOutput.DSX1Panel = [tblOutput_TEMP].[DSX1Panel], 
tblOutput.DSX1Jack = [tblOutput_TEMP].[DSX1Jack], 
tblOutput.Comments = [tblOutput_TEMP].[Comments], 
tblOutput.Status = [tblOutput_TEMP].[Status], 
tblOutput.EQBayNo = [tblOutput_TEMP].[EQBayNo], 
tblOutput.EQPnlNo = [tblOutput_TEMP].[EQPnlNo], 
tblOutput.EQJack = [tblOutput_TEMP].[EQJack], 
tblOutput.EQDescription = [tblOutput_TEMP].[EQDescription], 
tblOutput.Network = [tblOutput_TEMP].[Network], 
tblOutput.KDate = [tblOutput_TEMP].[KDate], 
tblOutput.WBS = [tblOutput_TEMP].[WBS], 
tblOutput.Contact = [tblOutput_TEMP].[Contact], 
tblOutput.Phone = [tblOutput_TEMP].[Phone] 

WHERE (((tblOutput.CLLI)=[tblOutput_TEMP].[CLLI]) AND ((tblOutput.BayNo)=[tblOutput_TEMP].[BayNo]) AND ((tblOutput.PnlNo)=[tblOutput_TEMP].[PnlNo]) AND ((tblOutput.Jack)=[tblOutput_TEMP].[Jack]) AND ((tblOutput.Output)=[tblOutput_TEMP].[Output]) AND ((tblOutput_TEMP.OriginalRecord)=-1) AND ((tblOutput_TEMP.RecordChanged)=-1));")
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