how can i save a data in listview1? i have a problem to my code heres my code

Dim objNewListItem As ListItem
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open "Select * from Supplier", cn, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimistic

Do While Not rs.EOF
    Set objNewListItem = lvwCustomer.ListItems.Add(, , rs.Fields("scode"))
    objNewListItem.SubItems(mlng_Supp_Name) = rs.Fields("sname") & ""
    objNewListItem.SubItems(mlng_Supp_Address) = rs.Fields("saddress") & ""
    objNewListItem.SubItems(mlngSuppContactno) = rs.Fields("scontactno")

everytime i click my command button, the list item in a listview1 is having a duplication. .
help me thanks. .

Before reloading a list view, combobox or other controls like this use .Clear


empty old values and reload again

i have an error

Operation is not allowed when the object is closed?

something in the bigger picture is amiss.

clear the list view control first, then open and run your database connection and listview filler sub

Doe them in two separate functions or subs to keep things clear, simple and debuggable.

can u post the code sir? so i can know. . thanks