I don't know if I am in the right forum for this, but it does pertain to c++ programming, so I'll post it here for now since everyone is very helpful (most of the time).

We are doing a summative project on c++ and it can be any type of program as long as it uses a variety of code we have learned over the course of the year. The project that I'm aiming to do is to make a primarily text based rpg type of game in the style of Dungeon and Dragons (eg. enter commands to move N S E W, random battles, etc.).

I already have an idea of where to start, using classes and writing to notepad files to store information; however, I also want my RPG to have a visual component as well. It doesn't have to be animation, even still images on a screen would be fine, but as far as I know, console applications don't have this feature. We have started working on MFC projects, but not much was done on it and the graphical aspect doesn't seem too expansive either.

So what I'm asking is can anyone give me a step in the right direction for programming this type of project? Maybe some links to sites that have free source code for c++ rpgs or libraries for visual games?

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Is NCurses compatible with C++? If so, how do I get a program started in it? Is it just like a library where I include it as a header file after linking to an install directory?

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