I am developing one window application in c# and .net with sql server 2005 as database.

now, i have Four questions:

1] I have one dropdownlist in form and i want to fetch the content/data of table category in to this dropdownlist and when I run this form on clicking dropdownlist the data should be displayed in dropdownlist.

2] As i said one dropdownlist is there and also one textbox is there in this form , now i am selecting one value from dropdownlist and entering keyword or text in textbox and pressing button search, on click event of this button it should compare the dropdownlist and textbox and depending upon the comparision the result should be display in datagridview. the value of dropdownlist and textbox are the data member of table Product

and result should be fetch in datagridview from this table "Product"

3] In Web application we have file uploader control so how we can provide file upload facility in window application?

4] How We can make search of particular keyword in PDF files?

I am really frustating by this questions and my project arrived at the deadline please help me!

I hope You will Help me in good way! Thanx in Advance.

for question 1 - surely data binding would be sufficient?
for question 2 - ok? what actual problem are you having with doing this?
for question 3 - its the file open dialog.. While it doesnt "upload" it gives you the name of the file and you can go get it.
for question 4 - you could use windows search if its enabled.