I have finished coding a VB.Net application that has connection to SQL Express 2008 database. My question is, what steps do I have to take to make this a multi user application.

There are 3 tables in the database of which two tables contain data to be viewed by the user and one table is to insert records by the user. The former two tables will be edited by the administrator only. So there is no issue of concurrency. But the one table that is used to insert records by all users has to be dealt with. Please give me suggessions as to how I should go about it.


You should share the database, and use the shared LAN path in your code.
That's it.
I am using simple access database in LAN, and it is working perfect in multi-user (2-3 user) environment.

How do I share the database? I have finished working on the application. Do I have to change the code to share the database? I have given the connection string the the Property|Settings. So changing the location is not a problem. And, FYI, I'm using SQL 2008 Express database, not Access.


You should share the file in windows explorer :-) Like share anything in windows :-)
I am using hungarian language windows, so I don't know the exact english name of file sharing in windows.
You should right-click on teh SQL Express file, and choose sharing or something like this.