Hello All !
I m writing a scanner in python.
I ve achieved to write scan results into a word file. But still not achieved to view results in my text box.

My Text Box Codes:
metin = Text()
metin.place(relx=0.3, rely=0.4, width=300, height=300)
A part of my Scanning Codes
def ana():
def tara():
for i in liste:
git = get_browser()
find("80040e14" and "'a" )
global aq
------------------------------------------------##I wanna print (i) wariable in text box at this line ---
dosyam = open("SCANNED_DATA1.DOC","a")
dosyam.write("- ")
except: continue

"i" is my variable that refers to the bugs on the site.
I wanna display it on the text box and it must be refershed automacially.
Please help me :(

With Tkinter (if you are using Tkinter) it would be something like
text.insert(INSERT, "click here!", "a") or
listbox1.insert() As for "refreshed automatically", there is nothing automatic. You will have to define what event causes a refresh. You can tie it to a button press or a file write, etc. Any event or events, but those have to be declared. Pythonware has some nice Tkinter docs. This is for text boxes http://www.pythonware.com/library/tkinter/introduction/text.htm#AEN7880 Also, Vegaseat posted some example code on this forum http://www.daniweb.com/code/snippet594.html From that link (note the third entry):

# load a Tkinter listbox with data lines from a file,
# sort data lines, select a data line, display the data line,
# edit the data line, update listbox with the edited data line
# add/delete a data line, save the updated listbox to a data file
# used a more modern import to give Tkinter items a namespace
# tested with Python24 vegaseat 16nov2006