How to do this did not understand it..plz somebody help me.i will appriciate anybody who will help me.
The program question are like this and this program should use c programming:-

The owner of a snack bar wants a system which will allow a menu, with prices, to be built
up, items added, deleted and prices adjusted. The system should also allow the owner to
enter a customer's order and get a display of the bill, with the total price. Obviously the
system will be interactive. It should be possible to store menus and bill information in

You came to the right place, but entered the forum with the wrong foot.
I can notice a difference between the quality of writing of the first paragraph and the second paragraph. Which tells me you just copied and pasted your assignment.
We don't give assignment completion away. Heck!, some would not even pay attention to you. Read the rules.

After reading the rules and following them. State and post what you don't understand and how do you know that you are not understanding.
Any code you have done will prove your efforts and it will help you at the end.

yours is like mine.. but sorry, if you don't show effort, nobody will help you.. Godbless!