I saw a project where was a (like) combo box. when it was click a mini calendar show and today date is marked with a red oval. Please tell me how i make it.


There are a couple of controls that vb provides to do this. One is DTPicker and the other is MonthView. These controls are available via, I believe, MsComtlb2 under Components. You can right-click the Components in the vb ide and select Components.


As suggested by wrappingduke the DTPicker and the MonthView controls are comfortable to use.

Another suggestion is that if u r using VB6.0 and have not applied the Service Pack 6, do it now because some functionalities related to these controls have been rectified and patched.

The Component Reference Name is
Micorosoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0 (SP6)

and the file is


If the entry cannot be found in the Components Tab, u can browse for the above file from the components tab. The file MSCOMCT2.OCX resides in your "\WINDOWS\System" folder in Windows installed DRIVE for Windows 95,98 or Millenium editions
and "\WINDOWS\System32" folder IN Windows installed DRIVE for XP.
or sometimes
"\WINNT\SYSTEM32" if Windows NT, 2003 etc.

Shaik Akthar