I had a hard drive crash and stupid me haven't made backups for at least a year. I had several projects for which I used Delphi 5 and have lost all the code. Is there any way of getting the code back by un compiling the exe file?

The compiler reads and translates the code you write. All names etc are dropped so if there is a way to read the compiled code and identify the logic, it would still not have any names or other clues to what was what.

Alas, you have little to look forward to. Unless you must decompile or reverse-engineer, you are typically better-off just rewriting the thing.

If undaunted, check out this About.com article about decompiling Delphi code.

Good luck.

your hard drive is working,that crashed?If yes and you have another hard drive then your problem is not hopeless....
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Description DeDe
DeDe is a very fast program that can analyze executables compiled with Delphi 2,3,4,5,6 Builder,Kylix and Kol. Application allows you to very fast generation of DFm files which can be edited in Delphi.

The .DFM file is linked into the executable as an RCDATA resource, which is just a compressed text version of the .DFM file (a few versions of Delphi save the DFM in compressed format, but most do plain text).

The Classes unit is all about loading and saving DFM data.

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