hi all,

I am using crystal report for displaying reports.
I want to display group by customers in report that i am displaying using group by funtion but i also want subtotal of that group by customers.
I want to display received amt date, received amt and balance amout between given two dates. That i am getting. output is like first customer name and below that list of there received and balance amt with received amt date. But before displaying second customers list i want to display subtotal of received and balance amt.
and in last in page footer i am displaying grand total of received and balance amt.

All data are displayed instead of subtotal of all customers.
Can anybody help me and tell me how to display subtotal of all customers received and balance amt?

Thanks in advance.


If U mk Group By Cust. Try This 2 Make S.Total (Means Cust. Total):
1-Rclick At Field Of Report U Wnt 2 Make S.Total
2-Go Insert ---> Select Summay
3-U Find Frams Title By Summary Location
4-In side this Frame From Combo Select Group U wnt of S.total


Thank you Maczoon
My problem is solved.