I've been working on a report and it has 2 subreports, one of them can outgrow the region destinated for it (on a preprinted paper), and I want to break the subreport on a new page of the main report (with page header and page footer).

How can I accomplish this? If anybody can give me a hint, or even better can make a rpt sample of my case would be appreciated.


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Set NewPageBefore=true of details section of Main report and set same property report header section of sub-reports.

Thank you very much for your answer adapost, but I have no luck with your solution, maybe if I clariffy some things about my report...

I'm assuming that the subreport is in the details section, and the other fields are in a separated details section.

I have an image in a separated details section as a background (underlay following section setted) because I'm printing on a preprinted paper.

Then i have multiple details sections and one of them is the subreport.

That's how I put it:

----------detail 1-------- <---------- underlay following sections
|----------detail 2--------|
|some fields (headers)|
|----------detail 3--------| <-------------- NewPageBefore
| subreport |
| (this is my problem) |
|----------detail 4--------|
| another fields and a |
|subrpt(not problem) |

--------page header --- <-------------- NewPageBefore
| (suppressed) |
| |

What is wrong there? and thankyou again.

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