Well i just want to find out , that is there any way where we can find out the various functions and operators / keywords present in a particular header file ....?

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Many header files in the standard c++ and C libraries are pretty darned hard to read, so I find it often useful to google for the filename. For example if you want to know what's in the fstream header file then just google for fstream.


yeah thats there but , like linux if you have to fetch details of any command u usally use the man command which completely tells you about the command ur looking for , thus everything can be searched under one hood.
isnt there any thing like this , i mean a database or so which keep record of all the header files `s operators and functions ...?


Microsoft has online MSDN, or you can get it on DVD for a few hundred dollars. Otherwise, google is as good as it gets. Microsoft used to publish the functions in books that came with the compiler, but they stopped doing that about 15+ years ago when electronic books became popular.

You can, of course, always go to your local bookstore and buy a copy of the reference books.

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