public abstract class CircleShape {
	public double radius;
	public CircleShape(){}
	public CircleShape(double radius) {

	public void setradius(double radius){

	public String toString()
		return "radius"+ radius;

	abstract String getDisplayText();
public class circle extends CircleShape{
private double area;
public double area()
	return radius*radius*3.14;

public String getDisplayText()
	return super.toString() + area;

public class testcircle{
	public static void main(String[] args){

circle myCircle = new circle();



I am getting this error while executing:
exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError

where am i going wrong?

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Your error message should also indicate which method does not exist. Which one is it complaining about?

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:main

this is the error which I am getting

Are you executing "testcircle"?

i executed all three:

java testcircle circle CircleShape

There is your problem. You can't execute all three because testcircle is the only one with a main method. On top of that, I don't think you can execute more than one class at once with the java command. Just change it to java testcircle

OMG! you are right....I got the answer..thanks a lot!

Yeah, no problem. Ezzaral basically handed me the easy solution though. :p Mark the thread as solved. . ? (I haven't solved one in a good while. . lol)

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