Could someone give me some function names to google for? Im trying to detect a left mouse click in an area which happens to be inside a game window. Just need something very primitive to get what it to do what I want.

I know im going to need the Coordinates of the current mouse, and to find out if I am clicking in that area, just havent found anything too useful to me yet.'

Tell me if Im on the right track here. Mouse Event Functions or GetAsyncKeyState? So many way to go about this that I dont know enough about!

Heres the box Im drawing to be clicked
Square(634, 530, 56, 17);
(int x, int y, int xsize, int ysize)

Heres what Im using to get current mouse coords
POINT cursorPos;
float x = 0;
x = cursorPos.x;
float y = 0;
y = cursorPos.y;