I'am trying to build a website and I want to make some things auto mated. I only know html nothing else. A freind of mine make a site similer to what I'am doing but used perl. I want to know more and I can't tlak to this guy anymore.

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Learing perl will take a big investment in your time and possibly energy. Its not a simple tool like html code, its a full blown programming language. You can start learning some basics but programming a site that is interactive using CGI scripts is not something will accomplish in the near future unless you are a really quick learner or have lots of time to dedicate to it.

You can start here:



i kind of disagree.... i think that perl has a pretty easy learning curve, at least for the basic stuff like console applications and web scripts.

yeah, the more complex things gets difficult, but getting started with basics is fairly easy as far as languages go.

try this site: http://learn.perl.org/



If a person has some programming background then they might pick perl up pretty quickly, but don't underestimate CGI script programming. CGI is a very insecure environment to run programs in and writing secure CGI code is something most amatuers really should not be doing. If a person has no programming background at all, and html code does not count as programming, they will be in for a bit of culture shock. Nuff said, all opinions respected. :)


you can learn the basics of Perl first. One of the many good sources is straight from the doc. type perldoc perl for more info. otherwise, you can always view online Perl doc with your browser. After you are proficient with it, you can play with web frameworks, such as Catalyst. I would suggest not to go into CGI as its "outdated" technology.
On a side note, one of the easiest ways to do web programming is PHP. you may also want to take a look.

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