i wish to know the difference between the following two code?

ifstream fin(fname,ios::in);
vector<string> temp;

while(getline(fin, line)




Feel the difference: the 1st loop is correct, the 2nd one is wrong.
A stream eof state detected only after some input operation. Suppose the file contains a single line:
1. eof() returns false.
2. getline gets a line (no eof state detected now)
3. push a line, OK
3. eof() return false!
4. getline DOES NOT get a line, set eof flag
5. push... what?.. a previous line contents!
6. eof() returns true, break the loop...
We have TWO lines in the vector ;(

So it was the question about eof() incorrect usage, not getline...

Apropos, ifstream => ios::in, of course ;)

Yet another tip: stop senseless code tag usage. That's right:
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