Hi guys, any help appreciated here. This is what I have so far.

int getDaysBetweenDates(int day, int month, int year, int day2, int month2, int year2)
	if(isFirstDateGreaterThanSecond(int month1, int day1, int year1, int month2, int day2, int year2))
		return getDaysBetweenDates(month2, day2, year2, month1, day1, year1)
	else if(year1 == year2)
		return getDayNumber(month2, day2, year2) - getDayNumber(month1, day1, year1);
	else getDayNumber(month2, day2, year2) + getDayNumber(month1, day1, year1, 12, 31, year2 - 1);


int getDayNumber(int month1, int day 1, int year1, int month2, int day2, int year2)

		int a, y, m, yearBefore, daynumber;
	int daynumber = 0;
	int julianDay = 0;	

	for(yearBefore=year1; yearBefore >= (year1-1); yearBefore--)
	a = (14 - month1) / 12;
	y = yearBefore + 4800 - a;
	m = month + 12 * a - 3;
	julianDay = day + (153 * m + 2) / 5 + y *  365 + y / 4 - y/100 + y/400 - 32045;
		daynumber1 += julianDay;
		daynumber1 -= julianDay;
	day = 31;
	month = 12;
	return daynumber1;


These are just parts of a much bigger program. My question is.. I need to know how to pass the variables to my getDayNumber function. But here is the problem I have.

If I do a call to getdaynumber like, "getdaynumber(month2, day2, year2)" how do I get it to return the value for this date? Instead of month1, day1, year1?

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There are several option when you write functions that return multiple values:
1. Using references: You could have few parameters that will be passed as references and use them to store the output

void split_decimal(double input, int& integer_part, double& fraction_part)
   integer_part=static_cast<int>(input);//convert input to integer
                                                                    // and store in integer_part
double val=1.254;
double frac;
int integer;
//now integer=1 and frac=0.254

2.To return an array (or vector): if all the output values are of same type, you may return a array of all those values. But I do not suggest this method as it is clumsy.

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