i want the best program to compare CPP files, i tried Araxis and Beyond Compare and ExamDiff, all compare good, BUT, the problem is that i want a program which compares the WHOLE file, then gives me the REAL differences, meaning ..., let's say there's a TEST1::TEST2 (int x) and the function is made, then there's another one in the other file but in a different part of the file with the same name and with a slightly different content, i want the program to tell me that there's a function with that name but with different content inside it, u know what i mean? i know it needs a "little" AI :P, but i think it can be made, VC++ actually reads classes and functions and sort them in a drop down menu, so y not a compare program?!

thanks for the help in advance.

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Have you tried a linter?

Have you tried a linter?

Linter? please explain more, thanks.

EDIT: ok i searched a little more, i found this: http://www.relexus.com, which is WAY out of my hands, i want something that can be used by an intermediate user, not a professional company :D, come on, is there anything like Araxis or Beyond Compare, but a little bit more intelligent, thanks.

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