Always heard ppl saying that DOS batch files have limitations...recently am running the same batch file on mulitple stations (Win NT) but only 1 particular station has encountered problem. Not error returned by the DOS batch file but its the software that is being started by this batch file giving the shell error rather. Is this a case of IO memory issue or what?? if really so, how can I overcome this memory problem....HELP !!! :cry:

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A vague question in huge font...nice.

You might compare the environment variables set up for the machines; or the properties of the dos shell itself (like, memory limits and the like).

maybe the software isnt compatible on one of your machines?

nah. it's written in the wrong font size, that machines that have trouble cannot read the small text.

Hey guys....believe it or not...the problem is fixed after reinstalling the station's Wins OS :p hm, except no absolute :idea: what the hell is wrong with the original OS....perhaps gotta upgrade to system level then probably can debug what causes this odd problem.... :lol: thanks for the replies anyway...

Like I said, it was a bit blind and couldn't read your very small typeface text. Had you just used a 50 point bold font instead of 40 point bold everything would have worked first time.

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