I have a big question that keeps asking me if it is a correct or good idéa to create a subkey on a users computer in order for a software to work.

The software will create and check if that subkey exists in the below directory in order for that software to work.

What I am thinking of here. How sure can you be that it will be possible to create this subkey in this directory on a users computer.
(The user will buy a software and if this isn´t a good method or any problem will come up creating or read this subkey, there will be a lot of problem with other words)

Here I am thinking of Securitys for creating subkeys, read/write etc...
I am not really familiar what to think about here and so on.

Any idéas or advices are more than welcome.

Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey PutKey = Microsoft.Win32.Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey("First\\Second");
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Okay, I will check the "=" out and see what that could meen. It is hard to googling answers when it comes to permissions for the Registry Editor.
I can only get quite diffus information and the problem is that I might need any "expertise" information of how sure you can be to create and see if that created subkey exists.

No, this is not the same question as my other post.


isnt this a double post?

Well I dont know what subkeys are but the copy constructor error means that you cant use '=' operator to initialise another subkey, because its not defined.

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