I have created a windows service in Visual studio 2005 C++, which will encrypt a file and send it to a server using socket.

For this I am using OpenSSL, I am running in to following issues

1) I could not find the library method of OpenSSL which can be invoked to do the encryption, so I used System( ) to execute the command line OpenSSL
2) this works well in console application, but when I convert the application to windows service, System( ) is not executing
following gives me


'9' as the error.

Can someone suggest a way of executing OpenSSL using System( ) or even better the lib call for OpenSSL

Thanks in advance.

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Does the service program have permissions to do that? You might have to have the service log in with an administrator account.

Thanks Ancient Dragon

That was the problem, installed it from Admin a/c and worked just fine.

Thanks a lot :)

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