Hi there, I tried to use the above compiler for C.For every program I get the following message. I followed the tutorials,but can't figure out what am I missing in order to compile and run programs efficiently.It is not the code,as I have tried a number of programs which run and give an output in other compilers.

C:\Dev-Cpp\Makefile.win [Build Error]  [run.o] Error 1

What operating system (and version) are you using? You may have to go to Tools --> Compiler Options --> Directories also in Programs tab, then add the full path to all files and programs

Alternatively download and use Code::Blocks IDE or Visual Studios Express both are excellent alternatives.

Did you select 'C Project' in the 'New Project' Dialog ?
Otherwise reinstalling Dec-C++ might solve the problem :)

@tux4life- yes I did select 'C' before starting a project.

Thanks everybody,I switched to Visual Studio which works fine.