If you have done a program in VC++ 2008, what is the procedure to do a release and a "Finished" program of this.

In the "Form1 Property Pages", I have under General choosed:
Configuration: Release
Platform: Active(Win32)Output Directory: C:\
Intermediate Directory: C:\

When I now compile the application using F7, I thought that the finished release will be under C:\ but nothing is created there when doing this.
I am not sure about the differences of Output Directory and Intermediate Directory either.
I will be happy for the correct procedure how to do it.

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Okay. In the Configuration Manager, I will then choose:

Active solution configuration: Release
Configuration: Release

If I do this, it will create files under C:\

Now comes another question. It creates about 12 different files.

My question will be this: My project is called "Form1". If I open this Folder in the Projects folder, I will have a folder called Debug that contains 4 files.
Cant I just take these 4 files and do a setup.exe file ?

Or does the Release any kind of debugging that makes it difficult to crack and open the code. I am a complete novice when it comes to this process.
Will the release be more secure against hackers (I dont know how to put this question but something like this)

Go to: Build>Configuration Manager Edit:: Sorry, I didn't read your question thoroughly :(


Visual C++ Projects
To change the build output directory:
1. On the Project menu, click Properties.
2. Expand the Configuration Properties tab, and click General.
3. Change the Output Directory box to the new output directory.

BTW, Did you put the path(s) between quotes?


I dont know if I did, I dont think so :-O

BTW, Did you put the path(s) between quotes?


Yes ofcourse, you are right. I forgot the quotes:


Now it works.

Thank you !!

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