I *finished* my first program. Compiled it, ran it, tested it. I like it so I saved it. Now when I go into the folder i saved it to there are two files:

1 .cpp file that opens the code in my compiler.
2 .exe file that opens the program and runs it.

Now I'd like to change the .exe files icon but i can't remember/figure out how to do it. I'm running xp, so I tried posting my problem in the windows XP forum, but they told me to post it under the software/development area. hope you can help thanks for reading my problem.

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Which IDE are you using? Some IDE's like Dev C++ have the choice of adding your own Application Icon even to Console Projects. Code::blocks has this facility, but you will have to create a separate resource file defining the Icon as a part of your project.

But then again, this topic has been discussed many times before; you should have searched for it in the first place. You might like to check these links first:

1. Read this before posting

2. The same question you asked with answers


I did try to search, but I guess I used the wrong keywords. I didn't find anything, sorry.

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