I want to update a database record using vb forms. Im using a button for this purpose...how can i do this.. is there any way like in oracle that just a commit statement save changes.. here i need to write all fields and assign their values in db... please help me.


What type of database engine are you using? Is it Oracle?
The code that you need to use depends on which database engine that you are using, for example an MS Access file and a MySQL Database server will require different methods of connection to the database. However once the connection has been made then it is usually just a case of sending an SQL query to the database (providing that it allows SQL queries as I have not had to deal with an oracle database yet) and that will commit the changes for you.
If you let me know which database engine you are using I will try and find the relevant code for you however another member may beat me to it... I am not sure how efficient my code is so it would be nice to see some other approaches.
Hope some of this made sense...

yes of course you have to make an sql update statement to update the record on the database