hi ive got a school assignment where i need to access data in a MySQL table, use style formatting and output it in a HTML file. Additionally, there is a frequency column that I need to use to create the style. The more frequent it is the larger the font size needs to be. I need to create a recursive function to make the font size variable increase at the same time that the frequency does. Also same things have been chosen the same amount of times (ie, there are about three objects that have been chosen once.) any help is greatly appreciated. thanks

btw, the values in the frequency column are string values

First off, using the module MySQLdb will help you access databases and whatnot (if your teacher will allow you to use a seperate module for that, if not, look at the code in the module to figure out your own coding for it.)
Other than that, I'm not exactly sure what you're doing. If you could reword your explanation and possibly give some sort of example it would be helpful.