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I have a perl-cgi script (on apache server). The script is called when user selects some arguments and presses submit button from HTML form using get method. The script inturn calls some batch files using system command and does some other things depending on the arguments selected by user.

I am stuck with an issue . If, from a single computer I try to run more than two different batch files by submitting the form more than two times, nothing happens at the third submit (No batch file runs). The browser just hangs, the IE progress bar does not display anything, untill any any one of the batch file's initiated earlier completes. If one of the batch files intitiated earlier takes a lot of time to complete the third submit just times out and shows the standard IE "The page is unavailable" error, with no error in apache log file.

In summary, the perl-cgi script can have only 2 parallel runs, and I think this also means that the script will not support more than 2 users at a time.

Is there some kind of configuration setting in Apache server to let multiple instances of .pl script to run simultaneously?

The form submit code is as below:
<FORM METHOD="GET" action="http://server name/" TARGET="_blank">

I am also using the following piece of code at the beginning of the script to prevent the output of the batch run from being displayed on browser:

open(STDERR, "> E:\\Temp\\calcconsole\\output.err");

Any pointers will be appreciated.