Long time hobbyist programmer suddenly in charge of writing software for a small/medium non profit here. I'm not totally new to python but I wouldn't call myself a genius by any stretch.

Anyways I have a rather specific question and want to know if it is actually possible to do with python. I want to use a piece of hardware (not sure what yet) to capture a handwritten signature and send it out to a cell on a .xls spreadsheet thus converting analog signature to digital and saving headaches and trees.

So first of all is this a possibility (I already have a vague idea about how to send the scanned image to the xls file) and if it is possible is there any specific signature scanners that someone could recommend that are capable of interfacing with python in some way? If its a dead end for the most part I can accept that.

Thanks hope it isn't to confusing

Seems to be about right up my alley. Finding a price for it wasn't so easy but I'm sure it must be somewhere (I shudder to think of having to call up a sales team...). Thanks though looks like it should do the trick with some toying around.