i want to know how to make online exam application using VB.NET & SQL SERVER
questions should be displayed randomnly ,
also there is a time restriction for example ,30 min for 25 question and time should be visible to user.
then after time over he will be not able to do anything and redirected to result page.

At last it will calculate the total no of marks scored and show in graph and report wise.

Please suggest me the code


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have u tried googling it and u did not find sources? try it and u may find useful stuff. you might want to use the keyword: "online exam application with vb.net"

i want to develop web site for sending sms in asp.net and c#
please help me.

Welcome giritej.

This is VB.NET forum and your question is regarding to web - ASP.NET. You should have to post your problems in appropriate forum.

If you are not familiar with ASP.NET then purchase some books, read them and implement them carefully.

And also do not forget to read announcement - How to post questions?

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