I build a c# project. but after installation while clicking on the shortcut on the desktop system displays a message "could not find file 'C:\Programfiles\filename'"
There was no folder or file corresponding to my application in the C Drive (installed drive)
Is this because of some error in the build? Please help me..

It sounds like you added a deployment project to a solution but not the application itself. In the "View -- File System" under the "Application Folder" option you need to right click and "Add -- Project Output" and select "Primary Output" (you should do this in a directory you created off of the [Program Files]). I also ship with Debug Symbols which you can add under the same option.

Then to add the shortcut right click on the desired directory under the start menu and "Add Shortcut" then navigate to the "Primary output from project ... "

If you have done all of this then you likely do have a build error. Switch the configuration to release, right click on your solution and select "Clean Solution" then "Rebuild Solution". After you rebuild the solution then rebuild the installer. If this solves the problem then go to your build configuration manager and make sure your project is selected to compile in Release mode.

add your intented output to your application folder, then right click that output and create a shortcut, then drag that shortcut to users desktop. you wont have any problem.