FT /db_xref="GI:71031776"
FT /db_xref="GeneID:3502673"
FT CDS complement(join(18028..18116,19351..20668))
FT /locus_tag="TP01_0004"
FT /note="go_function: nutrient reservoir activity [goid
FT 0045735]"

FT /codon_start=1
FT /protein_id="XP_765531.1"

Hi all,

I need a code that reads the whole segment as a string in per.

I need to select only the highlighted area and copy it to another file.
Please do help ASAP.


The accepted protocol is that first you try and solve your own programming requirements and post the code you wrote. Then when you are stuck you ask a question. But what is not acceptable is just asking people to do your work (school or otherwsie) for you.

Asking a question like you did above without any explnation will lead to a contrived solution that will only work for the sample data you post. You need to describe as best as possible in non-programming terms why the program should find the lines you underlined.