Hello all,

I'm currently using Windows Vista and Visual Studio 2008 to develop my code. I'm working and a very big project and I'm looking for a good profiler for performance analysis. Any recommendations? It would also be nice to keep the solution as low cost as possible (free is nice).

I don't have the developer edition of VS 2008, so I can't use the VS profiler.

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at Intel's V-Tune

Thanks for the input, but that is a little to rich for my blood.

I suppose it depends on what % of the budget for a very big project is dedicated to testing. Unfortunately given Windows is your platform you can't use Valgrind (unless you want to run your app in WINE under Valgrind, which does work) and in terms of good profilers most of them are going to be proprietary and costly. Rational Purify is another good - albiet somewhat expensive - one.

You could check out JetBrains dotTrace or the free CLR Profiler, not sure about how good the latter is but I've heard good reports of dotTrace.