Hi Friends,

My application crashes with an error saying "Demo Application pk/si component has stopped working". The systems Event Viewer log shows an error with the following details.

"Faulting application Demo.exe, version, faulting module OLEACC.dll,version 4.2.5406.0, time stamp 0x4549bd93,exception code 0xc0000005,fault offset 0x00004062,process id 0x154c,application start time 0x01c9ee94aab4c550"

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium edition and the application which i created was a Vc++ SDI application.

Please let me know if anyone have come across this issue and what could be the possible solution for the same.

Thanks in Advance

Use the debugger to debug your program. All you need do is run the program in the debugger, and it will catch the fault.

Then you work your way back up the call stack to YOUR code, and then start looking around to see what might have gone wrong.

- did you initialise all the values you pass as parameters
- are appropriate resource handles initialised
- if a parameter is a pointer to "out" memory, did you actually allocate space for the result
etc etc etc