hi all,

I want to read MS-Access database tables through VB.

I try for reading excel file and i got success in reading excel file by adding reference microsoft execel library .

But i am facing problem in reading access file.
I had added the reference microsoft access library but then also i am not able to read access file.

Can anybody help me in solving my problem?

Thanks in advance.


Well with VB you need to have the correct library installed. i.e. for an office 97 access datbase you would need to have office 97 installed with the method you are trying to use. On the other hand if you use DAO, RDO, or ADO, more often than not the drivers to access most data sources come with the OS.

Now if you have Pro or Enterprise VB6 you should be able to use the Data Form Wizard.

Start new standard exe project>VB's IDE menu Add-Ins>Add In Manager>select VB 6 Data Form Wizard>In frame at lower right corner with caption of load behavior select Loaded/Unloaded so there is a check in the box.

Add-Ins>Data Form Wizard

Follow the instruction and use this wizard enough times to make sure that you have a form for each code/class/control and form type combination.

Save this project for future reference and to view any of the form or walk through with F8, set that form up as your startup form or modify Form1 so you can select any form you want to walk through with F8.

Good Luck