I want to display data in to form(form contains textbox,combobox,datagrid) from database.

What do you have so far? what is the part that you do not understand how to do it?.


Then show it. What is the problem?

suresh bangaru,

what do you realy want. Pop up data on the fly (while the program is running?) or set everything at design time (just fetch data)

If you want to fetch data, you may need a connection to your database or datafile, and also a Dataset or Recordset and Datatable things like that.

Otherwise, you need to define a connection, set your query, open connection with query, fetch data from query into DataTable or Dataset, then set your Datagrid's datasource to the Datatable or dataset or datareader.

For the textboxes, set their datamember and datasource based on fields and dataset or datatable.

Start something and post what you've done so we can help. Your question is still very vague.

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