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Hey guys,

As the title says, I want to know how I can reverse the characters in a string, but retaining the placement of the words as such, here's the code I used:

class reverse
void reverse(String s)
        int l=s.length(),j=0;
        String s1="";
                char a=s.charAt(j);
                if(a==' ')
                        int p=j-1;
                       for(int i=p;i>;i++)
                            char b=s.charAt();

But in line 12, I have no clue as to what integer value to give in the for loop...can anyone help me out?

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I don't know what line 12 is because you didn't use the code tags correctly. If you had, it would have put line numbers there. Anyway:

Check out the String class's toCharArray() method. Once you get your char array, iterate backwards over it, printing out each character. If you want to store the backwards String, then do the same, except put each character in a second array, or continuously add it to a String like this: String whatever = whatever + theChar;

Here is one more solution:

public class ReverseString {

	public static void main(String args[])
		String str1 = new String("My String");
		int strlength = str1.length();
		String reverseString="";
		for(int i=strlength-1;i>=0;i--)
		System.out.println("The reverse of "+str1+" is: "+reverseString);

Result: gnirtS yM

Well, yes that does reverse a string, but that still wasn't the exact question asked by the OP in 2009. They needed to also retain the word order.

There is also no reason to initialize str1 as new String() . Use a string literal instead String str1 = "My String"; This thread is marked solved by the way, so there really isn't much reason to resurrect it to post non-solutions.

import java.util.*;

class HelloString
    public static void main(String arg[])
        Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
        String s=scan.nextLine();
        int i=s.length();
        String revres="";
        for(int t=i-1;t>=0;t--)

Hello Chandan
Please be more careful before posting if you do not want to look foolish...
1. This thread is 4 years old and already solved
2. You didn't read the initial problem statement, so your code does not address the correct requirement
3. You didn't read the rest of the thread because umashastry did exactly the same thing 2 years ago and Ezzaral explained why that was wrong.

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