I'm finally getting around to using COM+ in Delphi 6 Pro, and I need a little help.

My COM+ components palette has a TCOMAdminCatalog component, but it seems to be missing the other two, TCOMAdminCatalogCollection and TCOMAdminCatalogObject. How can I get them back? Did I ever have them?

I've got several Delphi 6 books and am reading them, but so far neither of the two I'm looking at now mention these components. Seems odd.

Any other recommendations of Delphi/COM+ tutorials and code examples would be appreciated.

God knows, Delphi 6 is exceedingly old. I dont have one kicking around installed to check. You could try reimporting them.

Thanks. I'm happy with D6, but am about to update to whatever Win32 version is out now.

I found this article:


which helped somewhat, but this one:


solved my problem. For my app I wanted to communicate with a third-party program so most of the top section wasn't applicable, but skip down to around figure 4.9, I believe, and it tells how to do what I wanted to do and it included code, which helped a lot. Thirty minutes later and I got my program running.

Enjoy Delphi 2009.

I didn't ask for help without making a lot of effort myself. I've been reading all week on COM+ and I just purchased 2 more books through Amazon. They should be here in a couple of days.

After several more hours of Googling last night I found yet another book, "Delphi Developer's Guide to COM+", unpublished, it seems, being given away free. But it didn't have any of the figures in it and it needed a lot of help with editing. The author was Russian. You can download it from CodeGear.

Most of the articles and reading I did dealt with writing your own app that would provide COM+ access, and/or communicating with servers and that is not what I was doing. By the time I finally found my solution I had a handful of test programs written and had created several COM-objects on my system via COntrol Panel/System Services.

I'm still curious about the TCOMAdminCatalog and other components, how to use them, and where did the other two go?

Thanks all for the help, and I how my description of my solution will be helpful to someone.

you description was helpful for me

thanks :)