i have two cab files to install on pocket pc. after installing the second one, second one's shortcut appears twice in the programs.

do you have any idea to fix this problem?


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it took damn three hours but i found the problem. i dont know exactly which one of the following causes this problem but here what i corrected. there will be no spaces or dots in the name of the project, or short cut or generated cabinet file or product name. one of these causes dublication of shortcuts. i dont know which one or maybe combination of them.. but finally it works fine.
god damn mobile applications...
you will understand me guys when you start enterprise level mobile application development. loneliness..
i dedicate this discovery to Marty Friedman for his song loneliness.


no, i realized that it hasnt to do with dots or spaces, when i create a shortcut for both start menu and programs folder, it duplicates after installing two applications. if i only put the shortcuts to programs folder, it works ok, dots and spaces do not cause any problems.

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