I am doing my Final project on audio applications using Delphi and I would like to get a pascal (Delphi) programme on reading, modifying (amplitude of a wave file) and saving the resulting wave file.
My purpose is to generate sine waves at different Amplitudes at 24 or 32 bits/sample. I have found that the package Audio-lab can generate these sounds but unfortunately, it is only for 16 bit/sample which means from -32768 to 32767, and the amplitude is varying from 0 to 32767. In my project, I need a large range of numbers from (-8388608 to 8388607) or more. In fact, an amplitude range on 0 to 65534 is desired at min case.
If any one can help me I really appreciate it, because I have waste a lot of time in this problem.
Thanks you before


I think you may try Adobe Audition that can generate 32-bit sine waves and more complicated waves.

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