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I am still a bit new to delphi and was wondering if someone can help me. I need to figure out how to write a search engine into an app i am writing in delphi. any help on how i may be able to do this would be greatly appreciated.

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what do you want to search?Any effort?

1, create a new form as form1
2, find the DIALOGS\OPENDIALOG place it to this form1
3, click on the opendialog1 to look at its properties in the Object Inspector...set the
3.a, FILTER to acceptable filefilter (example: pascal | *.pas)
3.b, DEFAULTEXT to *.pas
3.c, TITLE to search for pascal file (*.pas)
4, place an edit box as edit1
5, place a button to the form1 too ,as button1,and code it.
set the button1's caption to search or browse,and double click it to write some code..

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
if opendialog1.Execute then begin
        edit1.Text:= opendialog1.filename;

when the file opened the file's path and name is entered to the edit1 :D

Thank you for your help. I'll do that and give you some feedback.

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I did what you suggested. I was not clear enough in my question. sorry about that.how do i make a dblookupcombobox filter as i type in relevant data? like a internet search engine that completes the word that you are typing when it searches the database and/or gives you a dropdown list with alternate options that you can select.

Thanx again.


We finally figured out how to create a type of search engine. thanx for all your help.